Our Services

GenAI Agents & Assistants

We build your multi-channel*, multilingual LLM-powered Agents / Assistants tailored to your data and workflows. Main use cases:
‘ AI Sales Rep. for Lead Gen
‘ AI Assistant for Customer Support
‘ AI Character / Coach

* Website, WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger, Sms

Custom GenAI Solutions

We provide rapid prototyping to transform your ideas into MVPs, as well as scaling these MVPs into production-ready solutions. Main services:
‘ Custom LLM-powered Apps / Agents.
‘ Large Language Models fine-tuning to
your organization’s data & context.
‘ Intelligent Workflow Automations.


AI Strategic

We support your Digital AI-driven Transformation journey. Our AI Advisory Practice will provide the expertise and guidance you need to leverage the power of GenAI. With our team of experienced AI professionals, we provide GenAI use case roadmap tailored to meet your unique business strategy & objectives.